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October 5, 2017Kara Woolery
Black and Gold Halloween Decor post sponsored by Shutterfly and contains affiliate links.

black and gold halloween decor
I am LOVING Black and Gold Halloween Decor! Such a fun spin on traditional Halloween colors. You can go all Black and Gold Halloween Decor, or you can mix in some color with the black and gold combo. Who loves to decorate for Halloween?!?! THIS GIRL definitely does! It may stem from my childhood. My mom is a HUGE Halloween decorating fan, and I grew up with the house being decked out for Halloween!

I have designed three different Halloween Mantel Decor Ideas for Shutterfly, and I can’t wait to hear which one represents your Halloween style! Each Design comes with FREE Printables to help you create the look, or give it your own spin! The three ideas are; Spooky Halloween Mantel Decor, a Black and Gold Halloween Mantel, and a Colorful Halloween Mantel.

NO MANTEL? Don’t worry … You can recreate these decor tips using a shelf or bookcase in your house! You can also use a bench to decorate the hearth styles!

Black and gold halloween mantel
Black and Gold Halloween Decor gives a glam feel to your Halloween decorating. Use tons of gold spray paint to create this look. First cover with black gauze, and then start the decorating!!

black and gold glam halloween
Create the backdrop by spray painting black paper bats with gold spray paint, and then using hot glue to adhere them to black foam board.

black and gold Halloween decor mantel ideas
Spray paint normal black spider rings with the same gold paint. Use the spiders throughout the decor! The Acrylic Blocks from Shutterfly are one of my favorite items they offer! You can get the FREE File Download at the bottom of this post to order your own Glam Acrylic Blocks! Or you can use the FREE Printable Files, and insert in a picture frame instead! They look great with the Black and Gold Halloween Decor, or any color combination.

black and gold Halloween decor
The BOO Banner is a FREE Printable Download at the bottom of this post. Use gold glitter paper to add a second layer to the banner.

black and gold halloween ideas
Use gold spray paint to glam up skulls (seeing a trend yet?)!


1.) You can paint your own mason jar or purchase one. This one is from Always The Occasion. You could also spray paint it solid black if you don’t want to purchase or paint stripes!
2.) Cut the ring part off of the spider. Hot glue the spiders on the jar.
3.) Add decor to the inside of your jar! Use florals from Dollar Tree and twigs from the yard! Of course give them a make over with some gold spray paint.

black and gold Halloween decor
The hearth is my favorite part of this Black and Gold Halloween Decor Mantel!! You can get the pillow print I designed as a FREE Download below. You can then order your own pillow on Shutterfly! These fun black, white, and gold pumpkins are from Target.

black and gold Halloween decor pumpkins
Purchase a Black Halloween Tree. I stacked a few cake plates form HomeGoods to add height. I wrapped more of the Gold Coin Banner around the tree, and then topped it off with ornaments designed on Shutterfly. You can get my designs below to order your own or you can Print my FREE Downloads and DIY your own.

black and gold Halloween decor with a DIY witch hat pumpkin
Saved the BEST FOR LAST! This Black and Gold Halloween Witch Hat Pumpkin was my favorite thing to DIY!


1.) Purchase a large black craft pumpkin.
2.) Use a 1 inch hole punch and gold glitter paper to make the polka dots.
3.) Use a dab of hot glue on the back of the 1inch circles and place on the pumpkin.
4.) For the Witch Hat use a Paper Mache Witch Hat.
5.) Spray paint the hat gold with Rustoleum’s Metallic Gold Spray Paint. Then you can top with gold glitter spray paint.
6.) Use black marabou trim and black and white ribbon from a craft store, florals from Dollar Tree, and Spiders from Dollar Tree. You can spray paint a few pieces then use hot glue to attach everything.

black and gold Halloween decor

FREE Black and Gold Halloween Decor Printable Files

Important PLEASE READ – Standard Files without an additional size next to them are to be printed on 8.5×11 white cardstock. If the files have a larger size next to them; you will need to save to a flash drive and print at your local print shop or on a large scale printer.

PERSONAL USE ONLY!! You can NOT resell these items, claim them as your own, share without proper credit, or use for profit in any way.

5×5 Print – Trick Or Treat
5×5 Print – October 31
Happy Halloween Ornament
Chandelier Ornament
Boo Ornament
Bats Ornament

FREE File Downloads For Ordering Shutterfly Products

You can print these files on your own or upload to Shutterfly using their products.

Trick or Treat 5×5
October 31 5×5
Boo Ornament
Bats Ornament
Chandelier Ornament
Happy Halloween Ornament
Happy Halloween Pillow

DONT FORGET to check out the Spooky Halloween Mantel and the Colorful Fun Halloween Mantel

Styling and Printable Designs – Lillian Hope Designs
Photography – Heather Renee Photography
Pillows and Canvas Products – Shutterfly
Real Pumpkins – Autumn Harvest Pumpkins

Shutterfly provided compensation, free product, or both in exchange for this blog post. I only work with and support companies I 100% love and use on my own! All ideas and opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links to help support my blog. Please read my terms of use and disclosures page for more information.



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    October 23, 2015 at 10:27 am

    Black and Gold!!!!! YES YES – the witch hat pumpkin is so cute I went out and purchased stuff from Michaels to make it myself!! Thank you!

    1. Kara Woolery

      October 23, 2015 at 10:30 am

      Awesome Lyndsay! I love hearing readers who went out and tried what I posted!! Thanks!

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