DIY Cardboard Playhouse

December 31, 2019Kara Woolery

One of our little girls wanted a playhouse for Christmas, and the other wanted a cardboard box … put them together and they got a DIY Cardboard Playhouse!! This playhouse makeover is whimsical with an adorable cozy cottage farmhouse style. It was also crazy affordable and so easy to DIY!!

DIY Cardboard Playhouse Makeover

Santa brought the girls a color in cardboard house from Amazon (yes friends, Santa loves Amazon Prime too … wink wink)!! Santa had no idea how big this cardboard playhouse actually was. Apparently he forgot to read the full dimensions.

After the house sat in our small living room / dining room for a few days, we decided to move it to the little girl’s room. It fit perfectly in this little corner, but didn’t match their pretty blush, black, and floral bedroom. My sweet friend had just created the most adorable DIY Cardboard Playhouse and it fully inspired me to do the same.

Next thing you know … the cardboard color in house is in the garage, and I had started a fairly quick Playhouse Makeover!! If you start with all of the supplies it should be less than two hours to finish.

Kids Coloring Cardboard House


Things You Will Need:

  • Cardboard Playhouse (Here is the one we used … I like that it is white on the inside so it bounces light better)
  • White & Black Spray Paint or Acrylic Paint
  • Mini Boxes
  • Craft or Floral Wire (Thicker)
  • 6-8 Black Poster Boards
  • 4 Paint Stir Sticks
  • Letters To Spell Out Mail If You Want
  • Wreath & Plants If You Want (Pothos Plants Are Perfect For This)
  • Something For The Address Plaque & Plastic Address Numbers

Playhouse Box Planters

How To Makeover A Cardboard Playhouse:

  1. Spray paint the base of the house white. Or use white acrylic paint (you can buy gallon sizes on amazon or at your local craft store). We spray painted with the garage door fully opened, because spray paint is toxic … another reason you may want to do the acrylic paint. If you do acrylic roll it on with a small roller.
  2. Cut Windows Off
  3. Spray paint the paint sticks, boxes, and door black. Spray painting the door black was a minor pain in the butt … LOL. It was a small challenge to keep it off the house. I recommend doing the door with the acrylic.
  4. Cut rectangle ish shapes from the poster board and glue onto the roof. Start at the bottom and work your way up. This took maybe 10 minutes … we didn’t measure the cuts, and they were all different.
  5. I attached the paint sticks and the Christmas lights inside of the house with white duct tape … nothing fancy friends!
  6. We used a medium thick craft wire to attach the house boxes, address plaque, and wreath to the front door. We just put holes in the objects and poked it through the box. Then twisted it off on the inside so no one gets cut.
  7. We cut a mailbox shape from the black poster board and added the MAIL stickers. I used plastic address numbers from Walmart and glued them onto this plaque I found at Michael’s.

*Let the playhouse fume out before bringing it into the house.

*We did not makeover the back or one side of the house because they were against the wall … I call this a winning strategy … I’m just saying.

Fun Play House Makeover details

Yesterday was the first full day of the girls playing with their new house! They were in LOVE! I sent them mail and was invited to a tea party inside.

Their American Girl Doll furniture is inside of the house, and the house is strung with Christmas lights. It truly feels so magical inside. Here is Tay and Lilly’s old American Girl Doll House … before Hunter came along and while we were still at the old house. We loved that dollhouse a ton, and I was bummed to get rid of it when we downsized houses. The girl’s made such great memories with that dollhouse, and now I know Tay and Hunter will make great memories with this new Playhouse.

Kids Playhouse Makeover

My favorite part has to be the plants. Anyone who knows me, or follows me on Instagram, knows my love for plants runs deep! Baby Pothos are perfect for a kid’s playhouse makeover. They require low light and can go weeks without water. You will want to move them to a sink to water or add saucers under them in the cardboard boxes. I found these ones, and the large one hanging above the playhouse, from Home Depot.

Girls Room Playhouse Makeover

I love pouring my heart, and my girl’s personalities, into their rooms. This new DIY Cardboard Playhouse adds so much character to their room. The cozy cottage farmhouse style fits into their room perfectly! Next playhouse makeover may be an outdoor one with one of those plastic fisher price style playhouses.





DIY Cardboard Playhouse DIY Playhouse Makeover

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