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January 28, 2018Kara Woolery
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Hey guys! Thanks for stopping by to check out my farmhouse kitchen decor in my white kitchen design! One of these days my husband and I would love to renovate an old farmhouse or build a new modern farmhouse … BUT until then I like to fill my builder grade home with farmhouse decor touches. We had our builder add some barn doors to our white kitchen design, like our pantry barn door and the larger barn door into our master bedroom. Our girls LOVE to constantly slide our master bedroom barn door open and close (insert eye roll emoji here)! I have included some shopping links throughout this post, and also a FULL shopping guide to the farmhouse kitchen decor at the bottom of this post.

Farmhouse Kitchen Decor in a white kitchen design with gorgeous large island and barndoors.

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Wouldn’t it be amazing if¬†kitchen counters stayed this clean all of the time?!?! We have three girls (soon to be 4 through opening our home back up to foster), and they use the white kitchen design counters as a hub for ALL THE THINGS. I like to joke that our kitchen counters are magnets for everything!! Please tell me I am not alone on this? I can joke that it drives me bonkers, but I do love that our family uses the kitchen as the hub for everyone to hang out and chat about their days.

Gorgeous farmhouse kitchen decor barstools and dining room. White kitchen design ideas.Having a large island is my absolute favorite. The kids hang out on the bar stools while I cook and dad does dishes. We actually have 6 of these farmhouse kitchen decor bar stools which is perfect for when the girl’s friends are over. We keep the 6th one hidden behind our pantry barn door, and pull it out whenever it is needed. I found these at TJmaxx and Home Goods, but they no longer have any so I linked to similar ones above. Head to the Farmhouse Dining Room post to see more of the decor in the back of this pic, including that awesome gallery wall!

Stunning white kitchen design in a farmhouse kitchen.

Farmhouse Kitchen Decor & White Kitchen Design

Gorgeous viking range in a farmhouse kitchen design.I absolutely LOVE white subway tile for a back splash! The white subway tiles are affordable, easy to clean, and look great. I love how our tile guy did a herringbone pattern over the Viking range. AND don’t get me started on how much I love this range. I originally thought my husband was crazy for wanting to spend so much money on a range, BUT now that we have it I am so glad he did.

Spice and cutting board drawers in a farmhouse kitchen.The pull out spice rack and pull out pan / cutting board rack are amazing and incredibly functional. I highly recommend adding them if you build or renovate your kitchen. It took me a while to decide on pulls for our drawers and cabinets.

Farmhouse white kitchen design and decor ideas.The ceiling height cabinets are literally my favorite thing in this white kitchen design! They look great and add functional storage for my cake plates. They also light up which looks gorgeous at night. I was skeptical about having drawers on the bottom instead of cabinets, but now I am so thankful we went with this design. The drawers are incredibly functional kitchen storage, and make getting your pots and pans and storage containers out so easy.

Gorgeous farmhouse kitchen decor and ideas.Add a few farmhouse kitchen decor items throughout your space to help give it that farmhouse feel.

Functional kitchen design ideas in a farmhouse kitchen with barn doors for the pantry.See more of our entry way and coffee bar on these separate posts. Neutral is my favorite type of home decor, but I do love the few small pops of blue throughout our house. This island is painted in Sherwin Williams Sleepy Blue with a light black glaze accent throughout. All of the white in our house is Sherwin Williams Alabaster. I would give this dishwasher 6 stars if that was an option! I love all of the cycle options and it cleans great with little sound.

Farmhouse kitchen decor ideas for a white kitchen design.This three tier farmhouse wood tower holds our basic everyday cooking spices, oils, and a few decor pieces. It sits in the middle of our island on a large white marble cutting board.

farmhouse kitchen sink ideas in a large island.My husband and I debated on our sink for weeks. We couldn’t decide if we wanted a split sink or one large open sink. We have been here two years now, and absolutely LOVE the one large sink. It is so convenient when washing large pots and pans. Also the crushed granite is incredibly easy to clean, and doesn’t show water spots which I love.

The best microwave drawer for a kitchen island with a pantry barn door.Our microwave was another big topic item. We could not decide if we wanted the drawer, or a standard door microwave. Our builder said the drawer was easier to use when it was down low. He was 100% right!

farmhouse wood floors in the white kitchen.When we were building I loved dark hardwood floors, but now I wish it was a few shades lighter. The dark wood just shows all of the dirt!! I am constantly swiffering. BUT I do love the variation of tones throughout these floors.

farmhouse kitchen style and design ideas with a pantry barn doorI struggled on picking out pendant lights for over the island, and finally landed on these ones!

farmhouse kitchen decor ideas with barn doors in the kitchen pantry.Our pantry is probably one of my favorite nooks in our house, because I love the pantry barn door and the built in wine rack inside. Post for inside our pantry coming soon! The refrigerators with a freezer drawer are awesome.

Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Shopping Guide

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