• A farmhouse style family command center to help you get all the kids paper work organized.

    Family Command Center

    March 2, 2018Author

    This farmhouse gallery wall family command center post is sponsored by Hobby Lobby. Hello Friends!! I seriously LOVE the new year, and have partnered with Hobby Lobby to share this Farmhouse Gallery Wall Family Command Center with you guys today. Any excuse to get organized gives me all the heart eyes. I grew up going to my families 1911 farmhouse on our family ranch, and have loved the farmhouse style for as long as I can remember. You will love this family command center, even if farmhouse style isn’t your thing. Who doesn’t love something that can help your family get organized? We have three girls, and are about to add another little girl through fostering. So this new organizational command center is going to…

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  • Farmhouse white kitchen design and decor ideas.

    Farmhouse Kitchen Decor – White Kitchen

    January 28, 2018Author

    Hey guys! Thanks for stopping by to check out my farmhouse kitchen decor in my white kitchen design! One of these days my husband and I would love to renovate an old farmhouse or build a new modern farmhouse … BUT until then I like to fill my builder grade home with farmhouse decor touches. We had our builder add some barn doors to our white kitchen design, like our pantry barn door and the larger barn door into our master bedroom. Our girls LOVE to constantly slide our master bedroom barn door open and close (insert eye roll emoji here)! I have included some shopping links throughout this post, and also a FULL shopping guide to the farmhouse kitchen decor at the bottom of…

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  • coffee bar ideas in a farmhouse style

    Farmhouse Style Coffee Bar

    October 26, 2017Author

    I’m sorry for what I said before I had my coffee!! Coffee is something I greatly love and enjoy. I typically can not function well without it … anyone else?!?! Actually I’m about to give it up for an autoimmune diet I am starting to lessen the inflammation in my body. I battle with RA which is an autoimmune disease, and lately it has been a massive struggle in my life. BUT until then bring me all the coffee. A coffee bar was an absolute must in our farmhouse style kitchen. Not to mention we have a smaller kitchen, and no great space for the coffee pot on the counter. At the bottom of this post you will find a shopping guide for styling your…

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