• A farmhouse style family command center to help you get all the kids paper work organized.

    Family Command Center

    March 2, 2018Author

    This farmhouse gallery wall family command center post is sponsored by Hobby Lobby. Hello Friends!! I seriously LOVE the new year, and have partnered with Hobby Lobby to share this Farmhouse Gallery Wall Family Command Center with you guys today. Any excuse to get organized gives me all the heart eyes. I grew up going to my families 1911 farmhouse on our family ranch, and have loved the farmhouse style for as long as I can remember. You will love this family command center, even if farmhouse style isn’t your thing. Who doesn’t love something that can help your family get organized? We have three girls, and are about to add another little girl through fostering. So this new organizational command center is going to…

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  • Top 27 Home Organization Ideas

    February 3, 2017Author

    Hi this is Paige from Nina Lee Events and I am here to share with you some of my favorite home organization ideas. As soon as Christmas is over, and all of the decorations come down I get a strong urge to get my house organized again. I just want everything back in its proper place! The problem is everything doesn’t always have an exact place which makes organizing a little difficult, and especially with all of the new Christmas gifts that you have to find a home for. This is a major problem in my kids rooms were it always feels like we are running low on space. I have gathered a bunch of amazing home organization ideas to help you get your closets,…

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