• Paleo and Whole30 compliant oven roasted brussels sprouts that are so easy to make.

    Roasted Brussels Sprouts

    April 4, 2018Author

    These Balsamic Roasted Brussels Sprouts will quickly become your new favorite healthy side dish or snack! They are incredibly addicting and easy to make, NOT to mention they are Paleo and Whole30 compliant. I reveal a secret trick for how to make these brussels crispy toward the end of roasting. Growing up I was not a huge fan of brussels sprouts, BUT that must of been because I never had them roasted in the oven with balsamic vinegar. Balsamic Roasted Brussels Sprouts have quickly become my new favorite side dish for healthy family dinners. The dark color is from mixing the sprouts in with the balsamic vinegar. You can enjoy this side dish any time of day. You can even add some bacon and call…

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