• Mouth Watering Tzatziki Sauce using dill, cucumbers, greek yogurt, and tons of different seasonings including juices. SOOOOO good and we use it as a chip dip for parties as well!

    Tzatziki Sauce Recipe

    August 1, 2018Author

    I always thought of Tzatziki Sauce as something you ate strictly with Mediterranean food, but I was so wrong! While it is amazing with Mediterranean cuisine, it is also delicious as a chip and veggie dip! This healthy recipe can be made with greek yogurt, or I also include a Whole30 and Paleo Recipe version.  Tzatziki Sauce This delicious sauce is an absolute favorite in my house! We eat real and whole foods in our house and usually stay pretty strict Paleo when cooking at home, but occasionally we make an exception. Like we do for this Tzatziki Sauce! I offer a Paleo Tzatziki Sauce option above the recipe card and in the recipe card notes, but it won’t get as thick and creamy as…

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  • A seriously amazing watermelon salad that is mouth watering with a delicious balsamic reduction dressing.

    Spinach Watermelon Salad

    July 5, 2018Author

    This Spinach and Watermelon Salad is the BEST summer salad I have ever tried. This recipe uses fresh seedless watermelon, spinach, basil, red onion, pecans, and an insanely delicious balsamic reduction dressing. One bite of this watermelon salad and you will be thanking me all summer long! Spinach and Watermelon Salad Yesterday was the Fourth of July, and my oldest daughter had an afternoon picnic with her swim team. We were in charge of taking a watermelon. BUT so were eight other parents. That is a ton of watermelon, and as you can imagine we were sent back home with almost the full watermelon. I was trying to think of something to do with all of it, and then I remembered a fantastic Spinach and Watermelon…

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  • Grilled Watermelon with Mint Leaves and Sea Salt

    Grilled Watermelon

    July 2, 2018Author

    Grilled Watermelon is my new found favorite treat! My family has always LOVED watermelon, and we usually enjoy it by sprinkling some sea salt over the top. I had no idea how much flavor grilling the watermelon would create. It is so delicious especially if you add some fresh mint leaves along with your sea salt. Grilled Watermelon – A Healthy Summer Treat This is a sponsored post for Chinet. I received compensation and free product in exchange for this post. ALL ideas and opinions are always my own, and I only work with brands I truly love and use myself. Grilled Watermelon is the perfect healthy side dish, or dessert, for a summer BBQ. I created this INSANELY AMAZING Paleo and Whole30 approved recipe…

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  • Protein energy balls

    Paleo Energy Balls

    April 30, 2018Author

    These Energy Balls are a quick, easy, and healthy snack option, not to mention so stinking good. They are no bake, gluten-free, and Paleo; PLUS they are packed full of nutrients. A perfect pick me up snack throughout the day, and great for a pre or post workout treat. I made this recipe last minute with my 5 year old using some ingredients we already had on hand from the Paleo Banana Split we made a few days ago. These Energy Balls turned out tasting fabulous, so I decided to share the no bake Paleo treats with you guys. What kind of friend would I be if I kept them all to myself?!?! A few days ago, Tay (my 5 year old), had a rough…

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