• Protein energy balls

    Paleo Energy Balls

    April 30, 2018Author

    These Energy Balls are a quick, easy, and healthy snack option, not to mention so stinking good. They are no bake, gluten-free, and Paleo; PLUS they are packed full of nutrients. A perfect pick me up snack throughout the day, and great for a pre or post workout treat. I made this recipe last minute with my 5 year old using some ingredients we already had on hand from the Paleo Banana Split we made a few days ago. These Energy Balls turned out tasting fabulous, so I decided to share the no bake Paleo treats with you guys. What kind of friend would I be if I kept them all to myself?!?! A few days ago, Tay (my 5 year old), had a rough…

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  • paleo banana split recipe

    Paleo Banana Split Recipe

    April 21, 2018Author

    This Banana Split is the BEST Paleo Banana Recipe I have ever tried. Even if you don’t eat Paleo, you will LOVE this healthy dessert. My husband said it’s the best thing he has ever eaten … Yeah, I know huge statement, but it really is that GOOD! I am not sure about your house, but in our house, my kids CONSTANTLY ask for treats. So I try to make them think some super healthy foods are treats. For example getting almond butter (nothing but almonds) spread on some organic green apple slices or honey drizzled over some organic berries. Sometimes the treats are more extravagant like this Paleo Triple Berry Crisp or this seriously amazing Banana Split that uses banana slices, almond butter, chia…

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  • A delicious berry crisp dessert the entire family will love. Delicious warm or cold and freezes well.

    Paleo Triple Berry Crisp

    February 21, 2018Author

    This Triple Berry Crisp uses frozen berries, and it’s a healthy, paleo, vegan, gluten free dessert the entire family will LOVE. You can also sub regular flour, sugar, and add oats if you are not eating paleo. This dessert is delicious served warm or cold and freezes well. Can I get hands in the air from anyone who LOVES all types of fruit crisp dessert recipes?!?! If you love desserts and are trying to eat healthier, then you have stopped in the right place. This Berry Crisp is seriously delicious. My five year old devoured her serving in three bites!! Even if you are not worried about eating healthier, you will still love this berry crumble. I love this healthy paleo dessert so much that…

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