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June 15, 2015Kara Woolery

When Jenny Dixon from Craft That Party contacted me to create the printables for her son’s party I was ecstatic! I love Jenny and follow the post she does for Tori Spelling! A Science Lab Party is oh so fun! What kid wouldn’t love making messes and fun explosions. This package is available in our shop HERE. The package is an instant download and comes complete with editable text files, science lab badges, games, and more! See the great party photos and details below!

Science Party - Science Birthday
Science Lab Coat
Science Birthday Party
Science Cupcakes - Chalkboard CupcakesScience Cookies
Science Lab Cookies
Mad Scientist Party
Science Jello Petri Dish
Crazy Straws
Birthday Decorations
Scientist Badge
Science Experiment
Science Camp Ideas
Scientist Birthday
Balloon Experiment
Periodic Table Banner
Science Dessert Table
Boys Science Birthday Party
Purchase Your Instant Download Science Package Printables Here – Complete With Editable Text Files

My favorite details are…
-The gorgeous cookies
-The fun science experiments
-The scientist badges and lab coats
-The jello petri dishes

Party Details As Told by Jenny From Craft that Party…..

Jenny gave her son a special Science Themed Birthday Party for his 7th Birthday. He loves everything science related so it was an easy choice!   The party details are incredible! She decorated everything in orange, blue, and green with chalkboard accents. Awesome homemade science sugar cookies, along with cupcakes topped with fondant hexagons, and raspberry Jello served in petri dishes topped with sprinkles adorned her dessert table.

The science lab was set up before the guests arrived. Each child was given a disposable lab coat and safety goggles as they arrived.  Jenny had  fun, hands-on science experiments planned, and the necessary supplies for each child to do all the experiments themselves. The science activities including building a fizz inflator, bubbling lava lamp test tubes, elephant toothpaste, and a coke and mentor geyser for the finale! Jenny was super organized and had each science experiment separated into individual aluminum pans.

Each kid was able to take home their lava lamp test tubes, safety goggles, and lab books along with a fun party favor that included test tube bubbles, crazy straws, nerdy glasses, and candy bobs.  I am sure each kid had so much fun and talked about it for days! Thanks Jenny for sharing all of your wonderful ideas with us!


Party Styling: Jenny from Craft That Party
Science Party Printable Collection: Lillian Hope Designs
Printables Printed by Print My
Hexagon Cupcake Toppers: DCC Cakes
Science Sugar Cookies: Recipe and cookie inspiration from Eat More Dessert by Jenny Keller
Science Candybobs: Sweets From Heaven, Outlets at Orange
Science Cookie Cutters & Petri Dishes: Science Bob Store
Crazy straws, plates, nerdy glasses, test tube bubbles: Birthday Express
Photograpy: A. Joy Photography & Craft That Party
Erlenmeyer Flask: Amazon
Lab Coats, Safety Goggles, and Aluminum Pans: Webstaurant Supply
Test Tubes, Color Tablets, Test Tube Racks, Geyser Tube: Steve Spangler Science
Science Experiment Resources: Elephant Toothpaste Experiment, Mentos and Coke Geyser, Bubbling Lava Lamp, and Build a Fizz Inflator

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  • Jenny

    June 16, 2015 at 9:17 pm

    Thank you again Kara! This collection was SO amazing!!! You were a dream to work with!!! xoxo, Jenny

    1. Kara Woolery

      June 17, 2015 at 1:41 pm

      Aww thanks Jenny!!!

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