• DIY Cardboard Playhouse

    December 31, 2019Author

    One of our little girls wanted a playhouse for Christmas, and the other wanted a cardboard box … put them together and they got a DIY Cardboard Playhouse!! This playhouse makeover is whimsical with an adorable cozy cottage farmhouse style. It was also crazy affordable and so easy to DIY!! Santa brought the girls a…

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  • Girls Room Gallery Wall – Decor Ideas You HAVE To See

    October 19, 2017Author

    I am FINALLY getting around to doing a post on Lilly’s old room which is now Tay’s room. Lilly had this room for about 4 years, and now that she is 13 we had her and Tay  trade rooms. We redid Lilly’s new room, and tweaked her old room for our color loving 5 year…

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